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Faster development, lower TCO, and accelerated time to market – gain all of these advantages with Cinemo CORE™.

Our flexible, high-performance middleware is built to order (BTO) for your custom platform and functionality requirements, to enable fully customized next generation digital media experiences on any operating system.

All Cinemo CORE™ products are available as Software Development Kits (SDK) and provide all-in-one solutions for online media access, local media management and playback, smartphone projection, and exceptional multi-seat options.

Cinemo CORE™ in action

Immerse in entertainment with CORE Play

Give passengers the power to access their favorite playlists directly from the head unit, enjoy the ultimate immersive spatial audio experience, and control playback through the built-in screens or brought-in devices.
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Increase what’s possible with CORE Browser

Provide the world of Hollywood movies for passengers to explore through their favorite premium online video services – enriched by immersive spatial audio.
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Enhance every journey with CORE Projection

Bring the smartphone experience to the infotainment system by empowering your customers to effortlessly take control of their favorite iPhone or Android apps directly from the comfort of the IVI HMI.
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Bring greater enjoyment by offering the ability to find and play any audio and video file, in any format – even DRM-protected. Content can be played standalone or synchronously across multiple screens, and shared to other device screens.

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CORE Online

Open up a world of subscription-based premium content for your customers with our embedded streaming product – designed to remain always up-to-date through our Cinemo Live Service capabilities.

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CORE Browser

Make it easy for passengers to enjoy premium online video, online gaming, and video conferencing with our flexible, fully optimized HTML5 engine that uses hardware accelerated video decoding, encoding, rendering, and supports multi-seat user experiences.


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CORE Projection

Smartphones go everywhere people go, so bring them fully into the in-car experience by giving drivers and passengers the ability to display and control smartphone content, through the IVI HMI – with full support for Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and CarLife.

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CORE Play Anywhere

Mirror any IVI screen to another in-vehicle screen – including brought-in devices – to deliver shared movie-watching experiences with immersive spatial audio, and in perfect sync through our innovative Cinemo LightSpeed™ streaming protocol.

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