CORE Browser

(for any automotive OS)

Taking in-car connectivity to the next level

Taking in-car connectivity to the next level

Open up a world of in-car online experiences with CORE Browser

Give your customers premium-grade streaming and seamless communications with multi-seat experience support, with our flexible and comprehensive HTML5 engine.

Reduces development complexity with integration-ready CEF libraries and WebView

Supports fast digital rights management (DRM) adaptation through different levels of Widevine DRM

Fully integrated spatial audio solution

CORE Browser encompasses CORE Browser Video, CORE Browser Gaming, and CORE Browser Communication. It is optimized for embedded devices, accelerates HW components to lower computational costs, and is fully customizable to your integration needs.

Effortless access

Let your customers experience the cloud-based services they’re used to, as easily as they do in their home or at work.

Easy customization

Easy to develop custom applications for the Android platform using Cinemo WebView.

First-class flexibility

Ready for any web app-capable content provider and reducing your time to market by removing the need for custom app development.

CORE Browser possibilities

The front passenger browses their favorite Video on Demand through CORE Browser Video and shares content to all screens to entertain the younger passengers on a long drive.

The driver’s concentration is maintained by automatically preventing the shared content from appearing on their screen. But when they pull over later, all passengers are able to enjoy a shared, perfectly lip-synchronized movie-watching experience together.

More possibilities

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