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Cinemo Cloud Services

Connect to a world of possibilities

Gain the edge every customer is looking for by giving them the power to take their online world with them everywhere they go, seamlessly.

Through backend updates, which are independent from the embedded IVI software and hardware in the car, that result in better speed and performance, reduced bill of materials, and the ability to continuously offer new services, Cinemo Cloud Services unlock the powerful capabilities of cloud solutions empowering you to deliver the most up-to-date digital media experiences, always.

Cinemo Live Service™

Give your customers constant access to the latest content from their favorite streaming services, with this essential enhancement to our Cinemo CORE™ products.

Cinemo Live Service™ supports all major Content Service Providers (CSPs), without requiring updates to embedded devices.

Cinemo Air™ Infotainment

The first fully cloud-based solution that successfully decouples infotainment from the vehicle to deliver Automotive-Infotainment-as-a-Service.

OEMs can now offer new personalized and ‘on-demand’ digital media experiences directly from the cloud to the infotainment system.

Recognizing true innovation

Our latest addition to the Cinemo portfolio, Cinemo Air™ Infotainment, has already been awarded:

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