Turnkey media solutions built on Android Automotive OS

Cinemo CARS™

(for Android Automotive OS)

Off-the-shelf or tailored to your needs

Designed for easy integration and accelerated time to market, the Cinemo CARS™ product group is your one-stop shop for delivering exceptional experiences to your customers.

Our turnkey media solutions, built on Android Automotive OS, feature complete and customizable applications to enable seamlessly connected experiences.

Designed for speed

Reduce development costs and time to market with our ready-to-use applications

Easy to integrate

Built on top of AAOS to mitigate integration challenges and make it easy to roll out updates.


Complete and customizable applications that complement AAOS perfectly.

Cinemo CARS™ in action

Co-navigating with CARS Connect Screens

A driver in a busy, unfamiliar city wants to find a place to park and one of the passengers knows a place nearby. CARS Connect Screens lets the driver share the navigation screen, so the passenger can add location information, without taking the driver’s focus off the traffic.
CARS Connect Screens

Shared viewing with CARS Online Video

Waiting for an electric car to recharge at a station is a time that could be made more enjoyable with rich entertainment on hand. CARS Online Video with CARS Companion App provides perfectly lip-synchronized premium video viewing experiences that each passenger can enjoy on their own screen.
CARS Online Video

Immersive listening with CARS Premium Audio

People love using Dolby Atmos on their mobile and at home for the feeling of being ‘inside the music’ that the 3D audio creates. CARS Premium Audio delivers perfectly balanced acoustic energy and an organically building sound field to give them this great feeling on the road.
CARS Premium Audio

CARS Connect Screens

Deliver secure screen mirroring to any device for joint video- and gaming experiences, shared POI discovery,  document collaboration, and more.

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CARS Connect Media

Prevent driver distraction and delegate browsing, searching and control of content of all Android Automotive media apps to any passenger.

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CARS Premium Audio

Empower immersive, enjoyable digital media experiences by seamlessly integrating non-standard audio codecs for system-wide usage.

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CARS Online Video

Make premium VOD content available to watch on built-in or brought-in devices, shared securely on the local in-car network.

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CARS Projection

Empower customers to use their Apple devices in-car with a modular solution that takes away CarPlay integration obstacles.

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