CARS Online Video

(for Android Automotive OS)

Raise the bar for in-car entertainment

Raise the bar for in-car entertainment

Provide premium VOD viewing experiences with CARS Online Video

Open up a world of entertainment for your customers, by allowing them to stream their favourite subscription-based content through our premium VoD solution for Android Automotive Operating System-based platforms.

Supports Android Car User Experience Restrictions for safety whilst driving

In combination with CARS Connect Screens and CARS Companion, perfectly lip-synchronised playback can be shared to multiple displays and devices

Can be easily reconfigured to function as a CSP launcher or connect to a content aggregator service.

CARS Online Video securely embeds the Content Service Provider’s website into an AAOS App using WebView, enabling premium video playback to multiple screens and devices for superior shared viewing experiences.

Everyone’s included

Enables flawless content sharing and playback control with other passengers on both built-in and brought-in devices.

Data-conscious delivery

Content is downloaded once and redistributed within the local car network instead of streaming the same content to each passenger.

Uninterrupted experiences

Playback continues seamlessly for passengers when Android Car User Experience Restrictions are activated during driving.

CARS Online Video with Dolby Atmos

Introduce your customers to the future of in-car audio. Through our partnership with Dolby and our streamlined AAOS integration model, you can now enhance every CARS™ Online Video experience with the rich, immersive sound of Dolby Atmos.

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This product includes software developed by the OpenSSLProject for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit (

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