CARS Projection

(for Android Automotive OS)

Wireless CarPlay integration made easy

Wireless CarPlay integration made easy

Integrate smartphone experiences with CARS Projection Wireless CarPlay

Satisfy your customers’ desire for seamless CarPlay experiences with our powerful modular solution that removes integration challenges and accelerates your time to market.

Contains all SW building blocks to enable a production-ready, certifiable CarPlay solution

Regular updates to ensure AAOS compatibility and deliver new Apple CarPlay features

Reduced integration complexity lowers certification costs and quickens time-to-market

CARS Projection is designed to handle complex processes internally and provide abstraction levels that match individual platform requirements.

Complete confidence

Covers the complete vertical, from the HAL up to the Application Level, giving you a considerable head start on your way to production readiness.

Flexible choice

Gives you freedom of platform selection, allowing you to carry the solution forward from one generation to the next, even with different SoCs or newer AAOS versions.

Total readiness

Built on our field-proven CORE Projection CarPlay stack, our ‘close-to-complete’ CarPlay solution removes integration challenges for individual platform requirements.

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What you see here only scratches the surface of this powerful solution. Share your details with us if you’re curious to see what it’s made of and how it can help you deliver richer experiences for all of your customers.


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