CORE Play Anywhere

(for any automotive OS)

Taking Infotainment to every Screen

Taking Infotainment to every Screen

Mirror and synchronize the system level visual content to multiple displays with CORE Play Anywhere

Give your customers the power to enjoy effortless content sharing between devices and screens without barriers.

System level mirroring enables multi-screen use cases for all applications available on the HU.

Screen mirroring also available for DRM protected videos (e.g. Widevine)

Consumers can use their own devices (BYOD) as mirroring clients

CORE Play Anywhere provides a system level screen mirroring capability from the head unit to other built-in- or brought-in devices, and also enables control of the shared content from any screen.

Share any content

CORE Play Anywhere enables sharing of premium videos, gaming-, shopping-, and navigation applications: all users can view and control the same content.

Security is key

Secure screen sharing is available via Cinemo secure mirroring pipeline which ensures encoding, encryption, transmission, decrypting, decoding and rendering of shared content, while compliant with digital rights management requirements.

Field proven

Due to rock-solid automotive software foundation, robustness and performance, CORE Play Anywhere reduces risk and total cost of ownership for carmakers.

CORE Play Anywhere possibilities

A passenger in the rear seat selects a premium video service on their device and starts playback of a movie on the rear seat entertainment screen. The front passenger wants to join and asks the passenger to share the contents to the passenger screen on the head unit. Now they can jointly watch the movie in perfect sync.

More possibilities

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