(for any automotive OS)

Versatile in-car media control that’s ready to roll

Versatile in-car media control that’s ready to roll

Amplify in-car media usability with CORE Play

Make it easy for your customers to share video content and delegate control – from any media source – with our powerful, versatile media player and media management middleware.

Multi-phased content discovery for instant media access

All in-car networked devices supported as media servers

Ultra-fast indexing, searching, browsing, and metadata handling

CORE Play is the solution for every combination of media formats, sources, hardware, and operating systems. It’s optimised for embedded usage, supports HW decoding, and virtually all audio and video formats.

Unrivalled reliability

CORE Play is fully field-tested, having already shipped with millions of cars by major car brands for more than a decade.

Superior sound and vision

Plays 8K UHD content on embedded devices with an ultra-low device footprint and supports Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Atmos.

Exceptional adaptability

Our hardware and OS-agnostic API gives carmakers and suppliers the most powerful and versatile media playback capabilities.

CORE Play possibilities

A passenger connects their smartphone to the system via USB connection. CORE Play accesses and indexes media present on the phone.

Not only will the IVI media menu now present their smartphone’s music library, it also allows them to share their own video content to in-car screens for other passengers to enjoy.

More possibilities

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