CORE Projection

(for any automotive OS)

Pre-certified projection for easy integration

Pre-certified projection for easy integration

Bring smartphone experiences to IVI with CORE Projection

Sail through the complexities of integration to bring smartphone experiences to your customers’ IVI through our platform-agnostic projection solution.

Cross-platform API supports all operating systems and SoC platforms.

Pre-certified by us and externally validated, resulting in a shorter time to market.

Ultra-low memory and CPU footprint, preventing device disruption.

CORE Projection is available as a ready-for-integration software development kit (SDK), which delivers functionality for all major phone platforms, including Android Auto, CarPlay, and CarLife – all supporting USB and wireless connections.

Effortless access

Enables easy access to favorite smartphone apps and services via the head unit through phone projection.

Robust reliability

CORE™ Projection is fully field-tested – active across many production programs and already installed in millions of cars on the road.

Always ready

We keep CORE™ Projection CarPlay and CORE™ Projection Android Auto up-to-date with every new release from projection technology providers.

CORE Projection possibilities

Driver and passengers can connect any smartphone to the head unit via WiFi or USB. CORE Projection provides the driver with a similar smartphone UX to control and experience the apps on the smartphone – but via the head unit.

More possibilities

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See this solution in action for yourself and put your questions to our specialists in real time as they walk you through its functions and features – as well as demonstrating how it answers your most relevant customer use cases.

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