CORE Online

(for any automotive OS)

Provide the ultimate playback and streaming experience

Provide the ultimate playback and streaming experience

Give passengers the power to access and control their favorite streaming services directly from the head unit with CORE Online

CORE Online enables users to stream media on the head unit directly from online content providers through Cinemo’s cross-platform unified API, supporting all built-in devices in the car including head-unit, front- and rear passenger devices.

Field-proven and cost effective integration of streaming services, minimizing risks and reducing time to market

Robust, pre-certified Cinemo Live Service provides pre-fetching and caching capabilities.

Adaption and maintenance of the content provider integration (API access) is taken over by Cinemo

CORE Online supports large number of streaming services. Combined with our cloud based Cinemo Live Service™ users always enjoy the latest features from the Content Service Providers; API changes are handled by the Cinemo Live Service™ without embedded updates needed.

Low footprint

Optimized for embedded usage, it uses hardware-accelerated decoding for all necessary audio and video codecs, and -video rendering for the best performance and lowest CPU usage.

One for all

Enables unified integration of all content providers supported by Cinemo which reduces the integration and maintenance efforts significantly on the customer's side.

Built for Automotive

Robust and smooth playback even in the most challenging scenarios. Advanced features like track pre-fetching and caching are completely handled by Cinemo.

CORE Online possibilities

A passenger opens their favorite streaming service on the head unit and casually browses content. After having selected the title, the IVI connects to the content provider’s service, and the music playback starts in the car.

Controls of streaming can even be shared with the other passengers, so people sitting in the back of the car are able to remote control the music playback as well and just skip the upcoming titles.

More possibilities

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