Portable solutions

Cinemo’s solutions are fully portable and therefore answer unrivalled to the unique requirements and needs of car makers.

Highest Portability

Our middleware solutions give the power to our customers to enjoy the same high-performance, robust, innovative and feature-rich software, using the same C/C++ Cinemo API, regardless of the customer’s project hardware and operating system.

Cinemo’s “portable architecture can be integrated across vehicle brands, saving its customers from expensive development costs.”

Leadership Award - Global In-vehicle Infotainment from Frost & Sullivan 2014

About Cinemo

Cinemo has become a global leader in Automotive Infotainment Embedded Solutions based on consistent high-quality and performance as well as excellent customer support and service. Our high-quality and scalable in-vehicle infotainment solutions, including rear-seat tablet-based multimedia, acquired a very strong reputation among the automotive industry and privileged to be recognized with nine awards for our work.