Cinemo CARS™

Cinemo CARS™ offers cutting-edge technologies empowering automotive customers with state-of-the-art multimedia infotainment solutions.

Cinemo CARS™

Cinemo CARS™ revolutionizes in-vehicle infotainment development by bringing finished, easily customizable, feature-rich production-grade applications for both the head unit running on Google Android Automotive and the user’s CE devices running on iOS or Android.

This enables automotive customers to drastically speed up delivery and reduce risks. With a rock-solid automotive-grade application portfolio, Cinemo CARS™ creates an environment where the driver and passengers can use both the head unit and their mobile devices to enjoy a variety of media from various sources

Modern User Interface

Cinemo CARS™ includes modern user interface references which are fully decoupled from the application logic. This enables automotive customers to safely and easily adapt the application look-and-feel to ensure car branding in both UI and UX

Feature-Rich User Experience

Automotive customers benefit from a feature-rich user experience, providing cars with complex functionality such as cloud access, content sharing using Cinemo’s ultrafast media management, synchronized playback amongst multiple displays and devices using Cinemo Distributed Playback and seamless content sharing using Cinemo Projection Plus technology

Deep Integration Into the Android Ecosystem

Cinemo CARS™ is also deeply integrated within the Android ecosystem, using Google Assistant for voice control and enabling Android Auto for compatibility with entry level car head units

Out-Of-The-Box Solution

Cinemo CARS™ in an out-of-the-box solution, which mitigates the need for automotive customers to perform any additional steps, because all applications can be deployed directly as is on the head unit and on CE devices