Working with Cinemo means getting new technology out while it’s brand-new to stay at the forefront of technological innovations and thus gaining a true competitive advantage.

Short Time To Market

At a time where consumers focus on their personal devices and technology, when technologies are changing and developing ever more rapidly, it has become imperative for any company to move fast to meet and exceed market expectations and needs, and over deliver in technology to drive new customers to the cars.

Cinemo is known among its customers and car manufacturers for realizing shortest time-to-market and offering lowest cost-of-ownership based on its comprehensive and highly reusable universal core code.

About Cinemo

Cinemo has become a global leader in Automotive Infotainment Embedded Solutions based on consistent high-quality and performance as well as excellent customer support and service. Our high-quality and scalable in-vehicle infotainment solutions, including rear-seat tablet-based multimedia, acquired a very strong reputation among the automotive industry and privileged to be recognized with nine awards for our work.