Cinemo Projection Plus™

Designed to enable advanced rear-seat entertainment using projection technologies.

Cinemo Projection Plus™

Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto provide a way to project mobile phones and their applications to the car’s head unit. Cinemo Projection Plus™ is the world’s first solution to extend these projection technologies to an advanced rear-seat entertainment solution to any vehicle.

Advanced Rear-Seat Entertainment

By using Cinemo Projection Plus™ users can project their mobile phones into the car’s head unit and then control and distribute media to the rear seats – all through their mobile devices. This creates an environment where the driver or front-seat passenger can use the head unit rather than their phone, and it enables them to control what is showing in the rear of the car

Notable Features

Features include, pushing audio and video streams to devices, isolating device playback and synchronising playback across all devices, all while maintaining high performance and stable connectivity

High Performance and Stable Connectivity

Cinemo Projection Plus™ achieves this by taking advantage of the portability of its Cinemo platform to power mobile apps and distribute media. It places the mobile apps in their own ecosystem, but still allows the head unit to take control and manage the entire experience

We are very delighted that our Projection Plus™ has been recognized by industry awards in 2019.

Projection Plus™

Rear Seat Entertainment