Cinemo Distributed Cloud™

Connects people to their music on the road by enabling a seamless and integrated experience with any number of seats in the car.

Cinemo Distributed Cloud™

Build completely platform independent, Cinemo Distributed Cloud™ supports virtually all operating system and chip combinations used for infotainment systems in automotive.

It invites and encourages participation in a shared environment and gives everyone the opportunity to contribute.

Cinemo Distributed Cloud™ coupled with high quality software engineering practices, a dedicated team and a passion for in-vehicle infotainment is the standard for online music and video streaming experience in the car.

Streaming Music

Cinemo Distributed Cloud™ features authentication, searching, browsing, playback, indexing and playlist management which enables users to go from streaming music from their smartphones to streaming directly from their car, in a heartbeat

Multiple Concurrent Accounts Support

Cinemo Distributed Cloud™ supports multiple concurrent accounts to enable users in a multi-seat environment to quickly find that song they want to hear now, no matter where it comes from

Services and Connections Scalability

The power of Cinemo Distributed Cloud™ lies in its ability to scale to any number of services and connections, which enables multiple users to join the experience and add their own music to the car’s playlist, regardless of which online music service they use


With Cinemo Distributed Cloud™, car users can create a jukebox in the car and on the road, but connected to the web, providing access to millions of songs all managed by everyone sitting in the car, and not only the person closest to the head unit

Content Services Supported

Cinemo Distributed Cloud™ brings numerous online streaming services to the car, such as music, TV, storage, radio and VoD