CARS Connect Screens

(for Android Automotive OS)

Deliver superior screen-sharing experiences

Deliver superior screen-sharing experiences

Enrich in-car experiences with CARS Connect Screens

Go beyond the functionality offered by Android Automotive Operating System (AAOS) to deliver system-wide screen mirroring and passenger interactivity through our comprehensive and ready-to-use solution.

Comes with a customizable Companion App that can also be used with other Cinemo CARS™ products.

Regular AAOS updates so you can introduce new features and maintain compatibility.

Low latency for seamless screen-mirroring of time-critical apps, like games and meetings.

CARS Connect Screens provides frictionless new ways for people to share and access content during a car ride, whatever device they’re using, to enable richly inclusive and collaborative in-car experiences.

Ready for anything

Can capture and share any type of screen-displayed content, including photos and videos, as well as 3D-rendering and web-based imagery.

Cross-platform power

Enables platform and hardware-agnostic mirroring from Android IVI systems to any number of devices and passengers in perfect sync using Cinemo Lightspeed technology.

Keep in control

Permission layers and access restrictions keep your customers in control of who can view and interact with shared content.

CARS Connect Screens possibilities

A driver in a busy, unfamiliar city wants to find a place to park and one of the passengers knows a place nearby.

CARS Connect Screens lets the driver share the navigation screen, so the passenger can add location information, without taking the driver’s focus off the traffic.

More possibilities

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSLProject for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit (

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