CARS Connect Media

(for Android Automotive OS)

Create experiences everyone can share

Create experiences everyone can share

Expand the in-car media experience with CARS Connect Media

Put your customers in complete control of who can browse, search, and use any of the Android Automotive media apps installed on the vehicle’s head unit.

Comes with a customizable Companion App that can also be used with other Cinemo CARS™ products.

Allows passengers to select music of their choice to play on the car speakers without the need for Bluetooth pairing.

Uses a single CSP subscription, so no passenger account details are left in the car.

CARS Connect Media connects with and shares access to installed media Apps, allowing any passenger with a HU-authorized device running the client application to independently browse and search all available media.

Inclusive access

Enables device access from any Connect Media Client in the same network, including brought-in devices.

Cross-platform power

Can be deployed to any platform, ranging from RTOS-based units to mobile devices running Android or iOS.

Multi-task master

Manages and resolves requests from multiple users across multiple clients with a single media app instance.

CARS Connect Media possibilities

After grumbling about the music, a passenger gets a notification on their smartphone that the driver has given them control of the music streaming app.

CARS Connect Media lets them browse and play their favourite music on the car speakers through the OEM companion App – without needing to sign in – and the driver switches back to the navigation app.

More possibilities

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSLProject for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit (

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