Cinemo Announces the World’s First Certified Automotive Grade Integrated Blu-ray Disc™ Player

Leading premium European car maker to be first in production with Cinemo’s Blu-ray enabled multimedia solution from Summer 2015.

Karlsruhe, Germany, September 7th, 2015 – Cinemo, a global leader in high performance automotive grade multimedia playback, streaming, media management and connectivity middleware, has now announced serial production of its automotive grade Blu-Ray playback technology (BD-ROM Certification Profile 1.1). This adds further to Cinemo’s all-embracing multimedia infotainment platform fast becoming an integral part of todays connected car.

Designed and built to meet the stringent quality demands of the automotive industry, Cinemo’s Blu-Ray technology, which forms part of Cinemo's Unified Media Player™, has a multi-faceted approach. This enables Blu-Ray title playback on automotive Head Units as well as for Rear Seat Entertainment systems at theatre-like performance levels complete with full media management and connectivity integration. Infotainment makers utilising the TI OMAP system on a chip, will be able to take full advantage of Cinemo’s unique integration for both Blu-ray playback and content distribution, whilst personal connected devices can act cohesively as part of Cinemo’s in-car streaming network.

“Reaching serial production of automotive grade integrated Blu-Ray playback is a huge testament to Cinemo's engineering capabilities” said Jim Corbett, Co-founder of Cinemo. “As multi-screen systems and Blu-Ray become more prevalent in todays car, we are confident that Cinemo is well positioned to deliver an exceptional entertainment experience”.

About Cinemo

Cinemo is a global leader in automotive grade multimedia playback, streaming, media management and connectivity middleware in the embedded world. CPU and Operating System agnostic as well as highly optimized for low power and low footprint devices, Cinemo's unified middleware solutions decode, play, render, stream, manage and index virtually any file, disc, connected device and streaming format. Designed and optimized for the high quality requirements of the automotive industry, Cinemo’s solutions can be seamlessly integrated into entry, mid and high automotive / in-vehicle infotainment system head and rear seat units, as well as automotive Apps enabling powerful new use cases.

Cinemo GmbH is a privately held German Corporation, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany. With a dedicated and strong engineering team, Cinemo's technologies represent the best in their class.

For more information, please visit www.cinemo.com

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