Cinemo Announces Collaboration With Texas Instruments

Optimized software for TI processors will enable high level of video performance and increase flexibility and options for car manufacturers

Karlsruhe, Germany (May 6th, 2011) - Cinemo, developers of performance-enhanced embedded multimedia technologies for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), consumer electronics and industrial embedded computing have today announced collaboration with Texas Instruments (TI) that will enable the company to further extend the supported hardware for its automotive-grade Unified Media Player as well as offer a hardware-accelerated, optimized and feature-rich multimedia experience on its platforms.

The collaboration consists of Cinemo adding software support for TI's Automotive Infotainment system-on-chip (SoC) processors using built-in IVAHD video processor and supporting hardware accelerated full HD 1080p video playback and streaming. Cinemo's optimizations for TI's platforms enable reliable and powerful playback of all popular multimedia formats while ensuring low CPU load and low memory footprint.

"Cinemo is pleased to expand the hardware supported by our Unified Media Player and to offer more flexibility to our customers," said Jim Corbett, executive vice president, Cinemo GmbH. "TI's confidence in our software is indicative of the level of unrivalled quality Cinemo offers."

"Working with Cinemo is a natural choice for us," said Matthew Watson, product line manager, Audio and Infotainment, TI. "Cinemo's Unified Media Player offers high-end features unavailable in today's vehicles, including full HD 1080p experience on our platforms, as well as frame-accurate and rear-seat entertainment features consisting of perfectly lip-synchronized playback of all popular audio and video formats on multiple clients over a low-bandwidth network. We are confident that our customers will appreciate the outstanding multimedia experience provided by Cinemo."

TI's solutions are popular in the automotive industry, which is where Cinemo has focused the development of its solutions. However, this optimized software can be used in other fields, such as mobile phones and consumer electronics. A demonstrator of the Cinemo Unified Media Player for TI's Automotive Infotainment SoC platform is available from Cinemo

For more information about Cinemo please visit www.cinemo.com


About Cinemo.

Cinemo has been created by the former visionaries behind Nero, Richard Lesser and Jim Corbett. Highly optimized for the Intel Atom™ and ARM platforms and operating system agnostic. Cinemo develops embedded multimedia playback and streaming software solutions which can be seamlessly integrated into automotive / in-vehicle infotainment systems, consumer electronics and handheld devices, media phones, and industrial embedded computing platforms.

Cinemo GmbH is a privately held German Corporation, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany. With a dedicated and strong engineering team, Cinemo's technologies represent the best in their class.