25th July 2012



Cinemo Redefines The In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) Experience With Ground Breaking Media Management

Cinemo announces several design wins for its latest and revolutionary middleware for local and connected IVI media management

Karlsruhe, Germany (July 25th , 2012) — Cinemo’s introduction of its next generation media management adds to an already extensive array of technologies now part of Cinemo’s embedded multimedia solution for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI). From the start this new media management technology has been awarded multiple projects with first SOP (Start of Production) in the IVI space as early as 2013.

Designed to allow near instantaneous access to all media content available in the car regardless of the location or storage device, Cinemo’s Media Management Engine™ features multi-pass content indexing, ultra-fast searches, supports complex queries, smart synchronization, Unicode collation, alphabetical index generation, video thumbnail creation, dynamic on-demand searches, a seamless approach between local and connected database access, and further significantly intelligent algorithms and extensive optimizations which truly revolutionize the way and speed IVI digital media can be controlled.

Cinemo’s Media Management Engine™ is embracing the UPnP technology, supporting browse and search of media content from either local or remote devices, whilst custom extensions also allow users to access advanced functionalities. Using a plug-in based architecture, Tier Ones, Car OEMs and Software Integrators will have the possibility to extend Cinemo Media Management with new content sources such as Cloud services.

Cinemo ScanFast™ content discovery is an intelligent and fast indexing engine able to handle storage devices with hundreds of thousands of multimedia files. Its multi-pass indexing approach allows users to search and play multimedia content almost instantly after insertion, long before the content discovery process is complete. Search results will then be updated in real-time based on the discovery progress. Indexed metadata may optionally be saved to a persistent database on local storage, with an enhanced optimized schema to enable fast queries.

Due to its client/server architecture, Cinemo’s Media Management Engine™ can run either on one standalone system, for example on an infotainment head unit running locally, or can be connected across multiple devices by a wireless network.

“Delivering a PC and home entertainment like concept to the car has been one of the biggest challenges of late for IVI providers”, said Jim Corbett, Co-founder and Executive VP of Cinemo GmbH. “Cinemo has already demonstrated with its local and distributed playback solutions an unrivalled approach towards front and rear seat enjoyment. Now with Cinemo’s Media Management offering, an effortless control of all your content can be realised in an IVI setting for the very first time”.



About Cinemo.

Cinemo provides the most advanced unified media player in the embedded world: CPU and Operating System agnostic as well as highly optimized for low power devices, Cinemo’s middleware decodes, plays and renders virtually any file, disc and streaming formats. Designed and optimized for the high quality requirements of the automotive industry, Cinemo’s Unified Media Player can be seamlessly integrated into automotive / in-vehicle infotainment systems, consumer electronics, handheld devices, media phones, and industrial embedded computing platforms.

Cinemo GmbH is a privately held German Corporation, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany. With a dedicated and strong engineering team, Cinemo’s technologies represent the best in their class.

For more information, please visit www.cinemo.com


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