19th December 2022


Use Cases

Accelerating the integration of Dolby Atmos into vehicles

Having driven audio innovation for over 50 years, Dolby is taking the audio revolution on the road with Dolby Atmos Music, an immersive music experience that adds more space, clarity and depth to audio. Using strategically placed distinctive audio elements within a three-dimensional sound field, Dolby Atmos offers a fully immersive soundstage that makes the listener feel as though they’re ‘inside’ the music.

But bringing high-quality audio to the automotive world isn’t like working in the consumer electronics space. OEMs need infotainment specialists that understand their needs. Our 14-year history of deploying proven, reliable multimedia solutions in the automotive industry made Cinemo an obvious choice for the first global middleware licensee of the Dolby Car Experience. Now, in collaboration with Cinemo, car makers can access immersive audio and provide a seamless Dolby Atmos Music listening experience to drivers and passengers around the world.

Immersive technology for a different kind of journey

We worked closely with our counterparts at Dolby to facilitate an easy, reliable, and cost-efficient process that enables OEMs to incorporate Dolby Atmos into their vehicles. Together, we created a single component that can be effortlessly integrated into the OEM’s existing subsystem, just like an existing codec. And, as with any Cinemo solution, we can tailor the individual use-case to the OEM’s particular needs.

“Car manufacturers need infotainment specialists that understand their needs. That’s why Dolby is collaborating with Cinemo, a company with a history of infotainment innovation.”

Andreas Ehret

Director of Automotive, Dolby Laboratories

The Dolby Car Experience technology seamlessly integrates into new and existing car audio subsystems and can map to most speaker configurations. The result is an optimal experience, perfectly balanced acoustic energy, and a sound field that builds organically. Plus, Cinemo’s combined offering allows for easy upgrades using established APIs from a trusted player car makers are used to working with.


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