Cinemo – The all-in-one solution
for Embedded Multimedia and Streaming

If you are building hardware devices based on Intel® Atom™ or ARM, our products enable you to have a head start in astounding multimedia and streaming capabilities.

Cinemo develops the most complete and powerful Embedded Multimedia
and Streaming stack dedicated to:

  • Automotive / In-Vehicle Infotainment systems (IVI)
  • Consumer Electronics and handheld devices
  • Industrial embedded computing platforms


  • All-in-one solution for multimedia and streaming – allows you to focus your own engineering on what you are best in, and let us do the multimedia and streaming.
  • Universal file, disc, container and metadata support, as well as stunning streaming capabilities – all from one supplier and working out-of-the-box.
  • Hardware acceleration platforms support - Cinemo's advanced embedded engines create an unrivalled level of video performance enabling on low power devices simultaneous playback of multiple HD streams as well as distributed and synchronized playback on multiple clients.
  • Wide embedded OS support – the architecture of our products is true OS independent, and all major embedded OS are supported.
  • High Quality implementations – covers all requirements from the embedded industry.