Cinemo™ Media Engine™

Cinemo Media Engine™ is a powerful embedded multimedia player supporting all popular discs, audio and video file formats. All performance-critical components are hand optimized to ensure the fastest and most reliable playback experience.

Cinemo’s embedded multimedia playback API enables our customers to create hardware products based on Intel® Atom™ or ARM with never before experienced HD multimedia capabilities on low power devices.

With advanced features such as simultaneous playback of multiple HD streams in all popular formats as well as Distributed Playback™ to multiple clients, Cinemo Media Engine™ offers an unrivalled level of video performance on consumer electronics, industrial, and automotive devices while reducing the power needs in the process.

We serve the following target markets

    • Automotive / In-Vehicle Infotainment
    • Media Phones
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Industrial Embedded Computing Platforms

Cinemo Media Engine™ includes support for all audio and video based files, containers and disc formats on a wide range of embedded hardware platforms:

optical media,audio,file parsers,video

Our modular software architecture allows customized solutions on multiple platforms, updating single components as well as extending the feature set by adding single components for new formats, codecs, post-processing features or target platforms.

Supported Hardware Plattforms,operating system support,processor support,video acceleration platforms,video acceleration apis

In addition to simultaneous playback of multiple streams, Cinemo Media Engine™ enables distributed and synchronized playback in all popular formats to multiple clients:

distributed playback,multimedia content,content server,network,client,cinemo


Network protocol agnostic, including broadcast to unlimited number of clients
Packet loss tolerance
Low bandwidth support
Frame accurate synchronization with all popular disc, audio & video file formats
Client playback control arbitration
Mixed hardware platforms supported

    • Support for all popular multimedia disc, audio and video file formats – best playback experience, on low power devices as well
    • Highly optimized - superior quality and low power consumption embedded multimedia player
    • Cross-platform multimedia software stack – reduces costs and accelerates time-to-market
    • Modular and highly customizable software architecture – easy integration and deployment

Cinemo is a B-to-B company and does not engage directly with consumers. We require technical services to be paid, and royalties for our products with certain minimum amounts.

For further information on Cinemo technologies, media and file format support, evaluation versions, software development kits (SDK) and roadmap, please contact us.

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